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Dairy Farms From Vision to Success

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design, deliver and manage
afimilk global presence

We design, deliver and manage
dairy farms around the world.

Afimilk Projects has vast worldwide expertise in setting up dairy farming projects from large-scale operations to small farms.

Afimilk Projects has solid experience in planning and managing dairy projects in different climatic conditions, including in tropical countries and in extremely cold regions.

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  • "TH True Milk turned out to be the leading supplier of top-quality milk products in Vietnam"

    Nghe An Province, Vietnam TH True Milk Project

    Project start: 2009, and ongoing
    Size: 7 farms, 15,000 cows and 14,000 heifers — the world’s largest turn-key dairy project
    More than 3,000 hectares of cultivated fields, including 6 large-scale pivot irrigation systems
    Stalls: 840 (7 twinned 2x30 milking parlors)
    Milk production: 30 L/cow/day – 450 tons/day
    Employees: > 1,200

  • "The new dairy farm in China is rising rapidly with the help of Afimilk’s system and the company’s professional support"

    Ningxia Province, China TianNing Farm

    Project start: 2011
    Size: 3,820 cows and 3,000 heifers; initial herd from Australia and Uruguay
    Average annual milk production:  11,000 L/cow/year
    Milk production (2nd year of operation):  34.3 L/cow/day

  • "Faria Brother’s Dairy has set world records for efficiency in milk production."

    Dumas, Texas, United States Faria Brother’s Dairy

    Size: 40,000 cows, milked twice daily
    Stalls: 5 rotary parlors with 106 milking points; new cow enters every 4.5 seconds
    Harvesting 1 million L/fresh milk/day (milk flushed directly from milking parlor to milk trucks)
    3-way automatic sorting gates controlled by AfiFarm system at the exit of each parlor

  • "Hof HaSharon Farm is one of the leading dairies in Israel"

    Hof HaSharon Dairy Farm, Israel

    The Farm was set up in year 2002, as partnership of 3 Kibbutz: Shefayim, Ga’ash and Yakum
    Herd: 900 milking cows and 800 replacement heifers
    Milking Parlor: Parallel, 2 x 30
    Average daily milk production: 39 L/cow
    Average yearly milk production: 13,500 L/cow
    Conception rate: for cows: 38%, for heifers: 60%

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